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Film Premiere

Mill Valley Film Festival

Tickets available now!


Film Screening: 5pm Sequoia Theater, Mill Valley

Tribute Concert: 7pm Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley



Film Screening: 3pm Lark Theater, Larkspur


Premiere, Oct. 10th @ The Mill Valley Film Fesetival

The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane


Filmmakers Maureen Gosling (THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC, BURDEN OF DREAMS) and Jed Riffe (ISHI, THE LAST YAHI, THE LONG SHADOW) joined forces with producer (and daughter of Barbara Dane) Nina Menéndez (TROPICOLA), to create a feature-length documentary, The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane.


"The 9 Lives..." celebrates the life of Barbara Dane, a fiercely independent woman born in the 1920s, who took the power of her voice from the bright lights of the stage to the tumultuous streets of 1960s America, paving her own way with her art, in the service of social justice, civil rights and peace. Still going strong in her 90s, we’ll learn what made her switch directions from the coveted life of a famous jazz and blues singer to a committed social activis.t

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